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Whether or not you committed the crime you’re being accused of, you need a highly experienced criminal defense attorney by your side to guide you through the process of protecting your legal and constitutional rights. At the Law Office of John G. Perez Jr., we’re committed to providing legal representation to people facing life-changing situations.

During John’s history of practicing as a criminal defense lawyer in San Antonio, TX, he has worked with people facing some of the most criminal defense matters imaginable. He helped them, and he can help you.


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There are many criminal defense attorneys in San Antonio, but with us, your needs come first.

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John G. Perez Junior has a proven track record of helping people like you defend their rights and fight criminal charges.

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If you're facing criminal allegations, it’s essential that you act quickly to learn the details of your case. Set up a consultation with John G. Perez Jr. now to start protecting your rights. We can discuss the evidence in your case, the legal risks you are facing, and the overall legal defense strategies that may be available to you. John has ample experience helping clients to get dismissals of their cases. If you want help staying out of prison, clearing your record, and getting on with your life, give John a call.

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When you call the Law Office of John G. Perez Jr., you can get reliable insights directly from an experienced criminal defense attorney. If you’re facing a criminal conviction for DWI or DUI, theft, assault, or sexual assault in San Antonio, TX, our criminal defense team can help.

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If you’ve been charged with a crime in Texas, you need an experienced criminal defense attorney you can count on.