Meet John G. Perez

Learning to Give Back

Raised to Do for Others

I was born and raised on the south side of San Antonio. During my childhood, my father instilled many lessons in me, but one stood out above all: "Do for others who cannot do for themselves." This lesson is what started me on my path to becoming a Criminal Defense Attorney.

Getting an Education in Human Behavior

I attended the University of Texas at Austin where I earned an undergraduate degree in Sociology and a minor in Psychology. I was told that knowing how people think and act in a group is a stone's throw away from knowing how a jury will act in a trial.

After my undergraduate, I came back home to San Antonio to attend Saint Mary's University School of Law. At this point, my desire to practice Criminal Defense became solidified. I interned with both the Bexar County District Attorney's Office and a prominent Bexar County Criminal Defense firm. I wanted to see how both sides worked cases.

Gaining Experience, Making a Difference

After graduating with my Doctorate of JurisPrudence and passing the State Bar Exam, I quickly began working on Criminal Defense cases. Since then, I have worked over 1,000 cases, varying from Murders and DWIs to Sexual Assaults and Drug Possessions.

In almost 10 years of practicing law, I have saved the lives of countless men and women, protecting them from the ever-widening cast net that is the criminal justice system. I do for others what they cannot do for themselves. I protect people.

John’s Achievements


American Bar Association
National criminal defense lawyers association
SA criminal defense lawyers association
state bar assoc
SABA San Antonio bar assoc
Lloyd Freeman

An honest lawyer and the best in San Antonio, TX…

Lisa Orozco

Mr. Perez was very helpful, nice, and trustworthy!

Paul Vargas

Mr. Perez is most definitely the lawyer you want by your side.

Alexis Silva

John has been incredible to work with he has gone above and beyond…

Melanie Garza

Five stars aren’t enough to explain how great John has taken care of our family.

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