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Our San Antonio Criminal Defense Law Firm Answers Your Questions


If you’ve been charged with a crime, you may have questions about your rights, what steps you need to take, and who you need to talk to in order to overcome such a difficult ordeal.

Welcome to our FAQ. Through years of experience in helping those charged with crimes, our law firm has gained the knowledge necessary to answer the most common questions regarding these topics and more.

Criminal law is an umbrella term that includes crimes and punishment for crimes. Criminal defense attorneys act on behalf of the accused in these cases. At the Law Office of John G. Perez Jr., our practice covers a wide range of criminal cases, including DWI or DUI, assault, sexual assault, theft, and more.

San Antonio criminal defense attorney John G. Perez Jr. has helped those facing criminal charges for nearly 10 years. Before he ran his own law office, John interned at both the Bexar County District Attorney’s Office and another prominent criminal defense law firm to analyze the legal process from both sides.

John has a diverse background, earning an undergraduate degree in sociology and a minor in psychology from UT Austin before going on to earn his law license. This combination of education gives him a fresh perspective on how people think and act in a group.

When we couple this background with his internship experience, gaining insight into how each side of the courtroom works, you have a knowledgeable lawyer who is uniquely capable of creating a sound criminal defense case.

First of all, keep in mind that each case is different, and the best way to learn what to expect in your case is to talk to a criminal defense attorney

However, the general simplified criminal process is as follows: after a crime is reported and investigated, you'll be arrested and booked, then face your arraignment hearing during which time you’ll make your plea. If you don’t make a guilty plea, pretrial proceedings at this point may include several court appearances before your eventual trial. Keep in mind that this is a simplified description. Criminal lawyers guide those with charges through every step from arrest to trial, focusing on building a solid defense strategy against the charges.

Absolutely, open communication between clients and our legal team is a cornerstone of our practice.

Penalties vary depending on the charge, but they may include fines, probation, or even jail time. For more information about your specific charges, schedule a consultation now.

Dismissal or reduction of charges depends on a variety of factors that must be carefully examined. This might include things like the behavior of arresting officers, evidence against you, any witness statements, and your own words and actions. A criminal lawyer can review these factors closely to identify if any opportunities for dismissal or reduced charges exist for your case.

It's vital to exercise your right to remain silent and consult with a criminal defense lawyer before answering any questions.

First of all, remember your right to remain silent and respond as little as required. Contact a criminal defense lawyer in San Antonio immediately to discuss your options and begin building a defense against your DWI charges.

Just like any criminal case, the details matter. Generally speaking, criminal lawyers analyze search and seizure procedures, evidence handling, and other aspects to challenge drug charges. For your specific case, it would be best to consult with an attorney.

Rest assured that we offer transparent pricing and payment plans to ensure quality representation is accessible. Book a consultation with a criminal lawyer today to learn more about your options.

Whether or not your case will go to trial depends on the nature and severity of the charges against you. A criminal defense lawyer can explore all avenues of your criminal case, aiming to achieve favorable outcomes through negotiation or trial. For your particular case, consulting with a lawyer can give you a better idea of whether or not you will need to go to trial.

Any information that you can collect regarding the details of the charges, evidence, and circumstances that led up to the charge are crucial for a thorough case evaluation.

Certain cases may qualify for expungement or record sealing, but there are many factors involved, including the severity of the charges. A criminal defense attorney can guide you through the process if you are eligible. For more information, consult with a lawyer.

If you or someone you love has been charged with criminal charges like theft, assault, sexual assault, or a DWI/DUI, reach out to a criminal defense attorney in San Antonio for a consultation to discuss your case, potential strategies, and how to protect your rights. Keep in mind that consultations are free and without obligation.

If You’ve Been Charged With a Crime, You Need Experienced Legal Representation. Contact the Law Office of John G. Perez Jr. Today to Learn More About Your Options.