What Is a Gun Charge? The Different Types of Gun Charges in Texas

April 15th, 2024

In addition to federal laws, each state has gun laws in place to govern the use of firearms within that state, and Texas is no different. If you’ve been charged with a gun charge in San Antonio, you’re probably wondering what that might mean for you.

If you’re facing gun charges in San Antonio, keep reading to learn about Texas gun laws and weapons charges, and to determine whether or not you need a San Antonio gun charge attorney.

What Are Gun Charges?

Gun charges are a type of weapons charge that a person might face for violating Texas gun laws or federal gun laws. In Texas, gun laws can differ for different types of guns, with handguns and machine guns facing special regulations. In most cases, you aren’t required to get a license to carry a gun in Texas, but you will need a license for concealed carry of handguns. You can purchase a gun through a private sale without a background check, but purchasing through a licensed dealer will require a background check. A gun charge attorney can tell you more about gun laws in Texas.

What Are the Different Types of Gun Charges in Texas?

Gun charges can range from class C misdemeanors to first-degree felonies. There are many different types of gun charges that a person may face in Texas, but a few of the most common include:

Class C Misdemeanor

  • To have a loaded gun within access of a child

Class B Misdemeanor 

  • To fire a gun in public in a city or town of 100,000 residents or fewer

Class A Misdemeanor

  • To illegally carry a weapon without a license
  • To give or sell a gun to a person restricted from owning firearms
  • To fire a gun in public in a city with a population greater than 100,000
  • To carry a gun at a sporting event, church, government meeting, hospital, or amusement park

Third-Degree Felony

  • To possess any prohibited weapon (other than a switchblade knife or brass knuckles)
  • To fire a gun at a court, school, racetrack, or at a polling place on election day
  • To carry a gun in a store that makes the majority of its sales in alcohol

First-Degree Felony

  • To use a gun in any way while committing a violent crime

If you’re not sure about the details of your gun charges, you should get in touch with a weapons charge attorney as soon as possible.

Do You Need Help From a Gun Charge Attorney?

If you’re facing gun charges in San Antonio, it’s in your best interest to get in touch with a San Antonio gun charge attorney. The consequences of gun charges can range from steep fines to heavy jail time, and you need to take these penalties seriously. A gun charge lawyer can help you ensure that your rights are protected during this difficult time.

If you’ve been charged with gun charges in San Antonio, reach out to the Law Office of John G. Perez Jr. today. San Antonio criminal defense attorney John G. Perez would be proud to help you defend yourself and reduce your charges.

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