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Just a short distance outside San Antonio you can find the small town of Hondo, Texas. Home to around 9,000 residents, Hondo actually sees a higher rate of criminal charges than other towns of a similar size in Texas. That makes it especially important that residents in Hondo have access to a reliable criminal defense attorney in case they’re ever charged with a crime.

Criminal defense attorney John G. Perez Jr. believes every resident in Hondo is entitled to a strong criminal defense, and he would be proud to help you protect your rights if you’re charged with a crime in Hondo, Texas.

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Why You Need a Hondo Criminal Defense Lawyer for Criminal Charges

From DWI to sexual assault, criminal charges can carry life-changing consequences. Whether you’re worried about your permanent record or your freedom is on the line, an experienced criminal defense attorney can help you either reduce your penalties or dismiss them altogether.

When your rights are in the balance, don’t go it alone. Get help from an experienced Hondo defense attorney like John G. Perez Jr. to find the right path forward after you’ve been charged with a crime.

Choosing a Reliable Hondo Criminal Defense Lawyer

In the age of the internet, finding attorneys in your area has never been easier, but that’s not the same as knowing which is the right attorney for you. To find an attorney for your case, we recommend starting by asking friends, family, and other lawyers you know for referrals.

You can also look at online databases for criminal defense attorneys near you. After you have some options, check that they have the right experience, fee structure, and communication style to fit your needs. Your Hondo criminal defense attorney should put your needs first.

If you’re facing criminal charges, get help defending your rights with an experienced Hondo criminal defense lawyer.

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